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I like to trawl through users with random interests find people that are interesting to me so I can add them to my circle. Isn't that why you left your DW open to public viewing? I have to assume that if you set your journal to being publicly viewable you wanted someone to read it. If I'm mistaken on this point, just send me a message and I'll leave you alone.

I always HOPE that there are others who do the same thing as me, and that they might stumble across my journal. If that's you (or even if it's not), then by all means - add me! I'll probably even add you back within a day or two. You definitely don't have to leave a comment or a message asking permission - though a little hello goes a long way!
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First four (of 12 or 13... I lost count) badges actually completed and ready to be delivered! Only one commissioner asked to have the badge mailed to him, so I'll drop it in the mail tomorrow, but all the rest have asked to pick them up at the con, so there's no rush to get them done... the laminating process takes all of a couple minutes. It's the cutting and hole-punching that takes the most time -- I couldn't find any oval hole punches, so I've had to suffice with making 2 circle-holes half an inch apart and cut out the excess in between so I can fit the lanyard through.

All things considered though, I think they turned out rather well!

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Psuedo-spoilers and mini-rant )
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Josh and I are going to Blizzcon this year, and we had decided to go to Vegas afterward with our BFFs Jon and Christy. We had the trips all booked, convoluted as it was to book from Edmonton to Anaheim, a bus in between, and then a flight from Vegas to Edmonton, and associated hotel bookings.

But then Jon was transferred to a different branch and someone already had that week booked off and he was told, tough shit, rebook. So we decided the week before Blizzcon would be fine. It took me a while to get the approval to move my vacation since my boss was currently on vacation. So now that I have the approval, I call Expedia to change things around. I expected a service charge, but not this much.

To move our Vegas Vacation from August 23-30 to August 12-20 incurs:
- $150 per passenger to change the flights (this is for all flights involved)
- ~$5 per ticket difference in airfare
- $395 price difference for ONE WEEK earlier at the hotel.
TOTAL: $720

I'm still calling around to the airlines/hotels/etc to see if I can get a better price any other way. It's not looking bright.
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Hey, I'm a cow, I'm curious. Hey watch me now, I'm furious... )

10 points to anyone who gets the cut-text reference.

A dream

Jul. 1st, 2009 10:54 am
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I had this dream last night that Josh and I went to Mexico with some friends. Just on a lark, we decided to get into a van with a whole bunch of other people for a day trip. I had no idea where they were going, but Josh seemed to know. It was just him and I going with all these strangers and I worried out loud about our friends getting worried about us, and he said to just text them. Before I had a chance to, though, we were wherever we were going and had to get out of the van.

It was a big courtyard, like in an apartment complex, with buildings on three sides and a big grassy open area in the center. There were a lot of trees next to each building too, and there were like, lasers or magic or something flying through the air and I realized that this was an IRL PvP tournament. I duck behind some trees, and Josh runs inside to kick some ass. I never see him again for the rest of the dream.

I found some pencils on the ground, in a bunch of different colors, but they're all flat-ended, not sharpened. I knew right away that these are what people are shooting each other with, and I spend a couple of minutes trying to figure out how to work them if none of them are sharpened (because I guess it would have been obvious what to do with them if I could write with them??). Then I realize, oh, they aren't pencils, they're click-top pens. And I have to flick them like a wand to get the attacks to come out. Then someone from inside one of the buildings starts shooting at me, hitting the tree and I realize I better get my ass in gear. I don't know which pen is which attack, so I just pick one randomly to hold in my right hand, and the rest in my left so I can swich them out fast, and run into the nearest building.

As soon as I run into the building I'm under attack by several people. A mother, a father, and an indeterminite number of children. I'm in their home. At first I'm just attacaking with the one pen in my right hand but it's not enough so I just flick my whole left hand at them to fire all the pens at once. I take one of the kids out and feel exhilirated and start actually having fun. This goes on back and forth for a couple of minutes until the mother captures me, takes what's left of my pens (there's only 2 or 3 left by this point), and threatens me with some sort of action that I've forgotten now. I give her some long-winded and sincere speech about this being my first time at such an event, I didn't know this was her home, and I really admire what she's done with the place. She takes pity on me and lets me go, and I make some sort of crack at my own expense and my own housekeeping skills and leave.

As I'm walking away from the courtyard, I realize I don't have Josh with me and should find him. I pull out my cellphone and it won't let me call his number, because we're in Mexico. So I walk down the street as I fiddle with the phone to turn on international roaming. One of my friends finds me though, and we talk for a few minutes before I go to try and call Josh again, except, woops, my phone is gone. THAT GUY took it, and I point to a couple of guys suspiciously walking across the street. We chase after them, demanding my phone back, and I'm ready to fight them. Until one of them pulls a gun on me. I give him some more magical words and he tosses the phone back to me, but then pins me down to take my wallet. So I do what any sane dream-person would do in such a situation and take it back from him with dream-kung fun.

After that it gets really hazy but I didn't wake up for a few minutes after that.


Jun. 28th, 2009 01:58 pm
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Note to Self: tracking BBT (Basal body temperature) for fertility purposes does dick-all if I take it in the middle of the day, since body temp stabilizes by then.

I did not know this.

Moving my thermometer to next to the bed so I can take it after I've slapped the alarm a couple of times.

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Lost more weight recently :3 Passed a major goal of mine too!

Backstory: In university, I worked in a call center. In a mall. Next to a food court. I ballooned to like 215 lbs through that job, and it nearly broke my engagement at the time (a combination of just no sexual attraction and resentment over my refusal to do anything about it). Having to graduate to the "plus" stores because there were no more "normal" stores that would carry my size anymore was the turning point, not the fact that my now-husband was getting ready to leave (I never said I wasn't that special combination of vain and insane that so many women seem to be but deny). In any case, I cracked down, put myself on a ridiculously restrictive diet, and was able to drop to 177 lbs inside 2 or 3 months. And of course, in the manner that everyone with such a story has to share does, I bounced back from that victory and spent the next 5 years yo-yoing between 185 and 200 lbs. I never let myself pass the two-oh-oh mark again, but could never manage to drop below 180. I think I once got to 182, right before shooting up again. (My weight shot up, I did not shoot up)


Today, I have weighed myself at 177 lbs. I am so pleased with this I could almost cry. I know I have so much further to go, but this is a significant number for me, and I don't think it's temporary because I have been losing this weight gradually for like the last six months, and have been working hard to keep up good eating and exercise habits that I can keep for the rest of my life rather than cycling through binge/starvation periods.

That summer that I lost nearly 50 lbs, my husband promised me that if I get to 160, we are going to take a lot of very fun and, ahem, provocative, pictures, and see if we can get SG to accept them. They are on the look out for models that fit a size other than XS, so maybe I have a chance. Even if I don't, it's still something I can say I did.
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I think I'm going to pick up one of those home ovulation trackers and maybe a basal thermometer today. It's time to get serious about this after 18 months of just casually having unprotected sex (and about a million trips to the doc to find out I have cysts, that they're treatable, and that the treatment seems to be working now)

Edit: Okay it is time to stop reading the internet, I am putting all sort of sad and horrible images in my head as I read about everything that can possibly go wrong with a pregnancy. This is not helpful, productive, or fun. There is NO reason to continue.
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I just bought a new headset for my phone (which doubles as my MP3 player) because the one I have right now has only had sound in one earbud for ages, and for some unknown reason likes to make random calls to the last number in my recently called list when it is plugged in.

After finishing the purchase, I went to turn on some music to work to and... nothing. It is completely broken now. No sound in either bud. I have to wonder if it did so out of spite, except that it is a bundle of wires and not a person.

No music on the bus or during work for probably a week :(
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OMG I love this picture so hard. And it matches the layout I already had made! Well, mostly, anyways.

In other news, I got in a workout tonight for the first time in WEEKS. Damn it felt good to sweat again. Insert obvious sex joke here (lol insert).
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Cut for your Reading Page sanity )
I'm just waiting on payment before I finish these puppies up. That will put me at 6/13 badges done. WHEW!

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To anyone that is a father, grandfather, stepfather, etc - I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. I mean that truly and genuinely because I fear I'll never have any such figure to celebrate with again, so I want everyone who can enjoy the holiday to do so to their best ability.

In the past I've celebrated with step-dads, none of which I can bear to even acknowledge anymore, let alone call and wish them any sort of happy day. I never knew my "real" father; he took off while my mother was 17 and pregnant. My grandfather is estranged from the family. And every passing month I am more and more convinced that I'll never get to give my husband a crappy tie (and a video game that he wants hidden underneath) in the middle of June.

I said hello to my father-in-law and gave him good wishes, so that's something I suppose.
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Alright, some WIP action for Blizzcon badges, because I need a teeny break (and am pretty pleased with this:

First step: the sketch, done in Photoshop

Second step: Lines and flat colours done in Illustrator (I don't have a very steady hand and can never get the lines right the first time)

Next: Recoloring the lines (Illustrator), shading (Photoshop), background (Photoshop), printing and laminating.

Past ones I've already finished can be found in my DA gallery:
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"These works place Fairy Tale characters in modern day scenarios. In all of the images the Princess is placed in an environment that articulates her conflict. The '...happily ever after' is replaced with a realistic outcome and addresses current issues."
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Well, while I wait for that WordPress thing to sort itself out, I've been tinkering with the layout here.

I'm thinking of getting some sort of aXesome header image, but am a little stuck for ideas. Meanwhile, at least I got a background done for the module boxes so it doesn't look so... plain around here.

In other news - I'm going to get 3 Blizzcon badges done this weekend with any luck, at a group rate of $60 for all of them. I certainly hope I get more than 1 done anyways, which is all I was able to do last weekend :( I really meant to get more done during the week but... well, I have no excuse, I just didn't. Maybe this is why I'll never be able to do freelance art full-time. Or maybe if I wasn't so mentally exhausted at the end of the day after my day job, I'd have the energy and inclination to do more than veg out in front of the TV or WoW.

But that's the catch-22, isn't it? I can't get enough clientele to make the jump from office worker to artist because my day job is so draining that at the end of the day, I either can't be bothered to work, or put out such low-quality work that I have to do it over again anyways, but I can't quit my job to dedicate more time to commissions because I just don't have enough to even remotely make up the lost income.

Maybe I should just man-up and get used to working 70 hours a week until I can make it on just one. Aside from the fact that quite spending time with my friends, and that I have given my husband shit so many times about ignoring me for his computer (though granted it was a full-on WoW addiction) that I'm sure he'd throw it back in my face.

Or maybe I can confer with him, see when his raid nights are, and make sure that I'm working those nights too so that we don't have any conflict. MAYBE, I should talk to HIM! XD This is why I love having a blog. Even if nobody reads it, it's nice to sort through my hectic and scattered thoughts to get to a conclusion that makes some sort of sense.
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I can't figure out what the fuck is wrong with this Wordpress installation. I am cleaning my hands of the whole problem and just upgrading the installation to 2.8. It was still 2.6. That shouldn't have caused the problem, just being out of date, but apparently updating fixes it anyways.

Now I'm going to have to teach my client how to use the new admin panels.

Edit: lolololol, I broke it so hard it's momma cried a little. Rather than going through the "upgrade" script, I went through the "install" script and over-wrote the whole database! ISN'T THAT FUCKING HILARIOUS?!?!?! *cries*

Edit Edit: Okay, okay. This is fixable. Webhosts do database backups right? Sending in a ticket to roll back the chances to before I started fucking with things. *deep breaths* hee hee hoo... hee hee hoo... ohhhhhmmmmm.... *twitch*
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One of the Wordpress themes I made ages ago suddenly stopped working. Mostly, anyways. In the important ways.

Index.php is displaying just a blank page. No error message or indication of what exactly went wrong. Any page BUT the index works just fine. This problem is mirrored in the admin panel - the index of the wp-admin folder is blank, but if I go to any other page within the folder it's fine.

Nobody has touched the server of this installation in months though. The client that requested it hasn't uploaded, downloaded, or changed anything, nor have I, and the host refuses to acknowledge that this might be on their end.

So. Goddamn. Frustrating.


Jun. 18th, 2009 02:10 pm
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Ok so no gallery or image uploading, and none planned for several months. However, I am finding the communities to generally be smaller, easier to break into, and friendlier. Plus, it might be nice to have a bit of a new start, make new friends and all that. It always seems so awkward to troll communities or random journals and then start following people who look interesting. I only say "awkward" because apparently I am the only one that does that. Maybe I should just drop a disclaimer in the side bar there and invite anyone who comes along to add me as well.

You know how some people are really good at math or at art or at any number of actually marketable skills? I'm fairly passable in all those things, but really, I'm good at making friends. It's the lamest talent to have, but also I think the funnest.

Okay, maybe making balloon animals would be a more fun skill to have.

I'm also ok with unannounced adds/chats on MSN and AIM (do I have those in my profile? I'll have to check after I post). One rule though: When I ask you how things are going, what's up/new/shaking/etc -- "NOTHING" IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE ANSWER. Tell me why you're talking to me, what you're feeling, what you're doing, fuck, even make something up and be silly. This is seriously, my biggest pet peeve about conversations, in person and over the internet. A close second, and related one, is when there is a lull in the conversation and someone tries to revive it with another round of "so, what's up?" I just told you, at the beginning of the conversation. If you want to keep talking, just pick a new topic. The only exception to this, is if the entire conversation has been centered around you until this point - which happens, and that's ok.

So ok, now that that came out sounding entirely too preachy, I'm going to save this entry, and maybe, I dunno, get some work done.
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Okay, so I got this awesome new Dreamwidth account, which supposedly is supposed to be a community of artists and artistically-inclined folks. I gotta say, I was not expecting a LiveJournal carbon copy. But usually, appearances can be deceiving, so I am taking the time to browse through the site and see what exactly is new or revamped or otherwise different.

I do have to admit it is nice to have the familiarity of the editing tools since I've been using LJ so long, and I'm still in the process of prettifying my journal layout. I'm hoping to get some sweet graphics up in here, too.

Haven't decided what exactly I'm going to use this journal for that I don't use other journals for. If this is supposed to be an artistically-centric site, I sure hope they have some good gallery or image-sharing tools.


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